Nekochan Net

What was Nekochan? was a major internet forum serving the Silicon Graphics and IRIX communities for nearly 17 years. It possessed, in time, a blog, a forum, a wiki, a gallery and many other services. This eventually died down around 2010
and it became a site that slowly declined as neglect and interests in other areas overtook the creator, Nekonoko (Peter Plank), causing him to abruptly pull the plug in May of 2018.

The result was a loss of nearly 15 years of user-generated content and people rapidly scrambling for a lifeboat. The first such lifeboat was, at the time calling itself IRIX.CC. It is run by a man going by Raion
from the United States who joined the community in late 2013 (his own testimonial). I watched the rise of it. Soon, came up as a result of dissatisfaction with the direction of by a handful of members.

Since then, the community has been divided between the two, with a handful of overlap in both camps. This is not an editorial, so I will keep it neutral. is more of a specific community appealing to a Linuxy crowd, as their approach is more Linux-like, bringing in many Linuxisms and many not even compiling directly on IRIX. The approach is slow
but in the words of many staff "pragmatic" and "realistic" as the staff acknowledge many apps are a lost cause without fundamentally changing IRIX in many ways some are uncomfortable with.

As a member of, however, I believe they have a better community. has most of its activity in a live chat program called Discord
It is a proprietary application which apparently once used, but gave up on. Additionally, some of the actions by the staff of have led me to believe they are not the future of the SGI community. Raion is a person with flaws, and I've watched him grow up. He certainly is a bit
narcissistic, blunt, and oftentimes passionate in a way that upsets people, and has a history of verbal altercations. Yet he has shown immense care for the community, speaks regularly of moral and ethical issues in software, and has proven to be incredibly down to earth. For that
I support serves a purpose, however and that is something respectable.